Guanaco like its relative the vicuna produces a luxury fibre exquisite in its colour and fineness. Like the vicuna it is protected under the CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species) which has resulted in a population recovery and sensitive management of the fibre harvest.

About Guanaco Fibre

Guanaco fibre is one of the finest natural fibres in the world. Guanaco have a double coat similar to cashmere, the under coat is a fine fibre and ranges in colour from honey brown to dark cinnamon. The outer coat consists of coarse fibres called guard hairs, these are a darker brown and help to keep debris and moisture out. Guanaco fibre must go through the dehairing process which removes these coarser guard hairs and leaves the downy undercoat which is the valued part of the fleece. The guanaco fibre is typically between 14 and 18 microns in diameter.

Guanaco is...

  • is finer than cashmere
  • three times warmer than wool
  • similar in texture to the vicuna
  • has thermal properties as it is a hollow fibre
  • expensive!