Alpaca Fabrics

Secret of luxury from the Incas

Our unique British Alpaca fabrics are designed for the 21st century. We design both woolen and worsted fabrics and even ultra fine knitwear cloth to create a myriad of designs and finishes and knitwear – the end result is a truly green and sustainable textile with the best of British Alpaca yarn.

Alpaca fibre contains microscopic airbags that make possible the manufacture of light textiles as well as different kinds of clothing. The cells of the central core may contract or disappear, forming air pockets which assist insulation.

Unlike Sheeps’ wool – British alpaca fibre is a finite commodity. Where a sheep can produce 18 kgs of wool, an alpaca will produce 2 kgs of fibre.

We have used our British Alpaca fibre to create textiles focusing on the advantages of alpaca and the sophisticated elegance of the bespoke textile apparel industry for tailors from all around the world.