Information for Alpaca Breeders

The British Alpaca Fashion Company represents alpaca breeders who have their own herd and who wish to utilise their alpaca fibre to produce a range of textiles for the international textile market using traditional techniques for textiles of the future.

The focus is on textiles that are organic, sustainable and made from natural fibres.

The Company will provide assistance to alpaca breeders and owners to:

  • Learn about processing fleece for commercial use
  • Develop fibre that enables production of top quality fabrics – whether it is for the interior design market or the fashion industry
  • Assist alpaca breeders to design and produce textiles for the commercial use with any type of fibre ( saddle, necks, legs) irrespective of the micron count
  • Participate in Textile exhibitions and Trade shows overseas
  • Learn how to access markets overseas, specially the Middle East and Asia for Alpaca products
  • Source alpaca at discounts from different breeders in the UK and New Zealand that would enhance with fibre production
  • Join social networks which enable sales of fibre products overseas

Our focus

Over the past 4 years we have invested in:

  • Developing a sustainable product in the United Kingdom to continue the traditions of the British textile industry
  • Working with up and coming young textile and fashion designers in the UK
  • Developing good quality fine cloth for the luxury suiting and fashion market
  • Developing a range of fabrics for interior design – drapery and other furnishing fabrics
  • Developing yarns with coarser fibre for interior bespoke carpets

Our aim

  1. Maintaining herds of alpaca to enable the production of fleece for commercial use
  2. Making our own yarn – for the woollen and worsted industry from European alpaca and also blending in other natural fibres such as silk, linen and wool
  3. Developing textiles from alpaca for the diverse markets that would want innovative and new fabrics

We have the expertise in husbandry which enables us to improve the quality of the fleece in alpacas. We are able to advise on the alpacas that are suitable for the creation of better quality fleece. The benchmark is the low micron count of cashmere and merino.

Having spent 2 years in the research and development of textiles from the alpaca we are now able to advise and assist in the production of different types of fabric for different markets and work with textile mills in the UK and Europe to supply the growing demand for luxury fibres.

We have identified excellent mills spinning yarn and for fabric production in Europe and can achieve good discounts for alpaca breeders who would like to make their own cloth.

What the Alpaca Breeder must do:

  • Supply cleaned fibre ( without vegetable matter) as directed to the UK in separate bags for saddle, legs, neck etc
  • We will evaluate the fibre and advise you on the range of textiles that can be made from the fibre and the quantity of fabric that can be made
  • The alpaca owner will select the fabric: i.e the design, colours and the quantity required
  • The price paid will be for simply the metre cost of the woven finished fabric

The alpaca owners need not be concerned with making rovings, slivers, or yarn from the alpaca fibre provided. That cost is included in the meter cost of the yarn produced.

We have a design team for interiors and the fashion and/or suiting industry who can advise you on styles and colours. If finished products like jackets, suits etc are required we also have tailors who can do this work.

Basically, we take away the hassle of production from the alpaca breeder. The alpaca breeder only has to produce the alpaca fibre in a clean state for us to process. We take the view that there is no point producing wonderful alpaca fibre for simply winning ribbons at shows if the only purpose is to store it in a barn or sell it on the craft market.

Our aim is produce wonderful alpacas with luxurious fibre that can generate textiles that would match cashmere and merino on the international textile markets.

For more information please CONTACT US through this website.

Anila Preston
British Alpaca Fashion Company