Victorian Lace Shawls

Timeless Heirlooms

Traditional Patterns

Our selection of accessories is truly luxurious. We have a variety of shawls and scarves made from pure alpaca, felted alpaca blending fine silk and sometimes a hint of cashmere or guanaco to create lightweight scarves by our own designers and artisans. Our artisans have been creating these timeless heirlooms for over 50 years based on traditional Shetland Lace patterns. These patterns were handed down from generation to generation by the Vikings who settled in the Shetland Isles.

Christening and Wedding Ring Shawls

Fibre British Alpaca
Hand Knitting Original Knitting Patterns by Joan Phillips
Colours available Natural colour of alpaca Ecru
Dimensions 150 cm x 150 cm
Price £tba

British Alpaca Intelligent Felt Stoles

the ultimate luxury in handmade felts

All our glamorous stoles are handmade by design artist and each stole is different. The finest of British Alpaca fibre is used and it is wet felted staple by staple to replicate the fleece formation of an alpaca.

Fibre British Alpaca
Hand Knitting Original Intelligent Felt Patterns by Iryna Burgess
Colours available Natural colours of alpaca Cream, Fawn, Brown, Grey, Blak
Price £tba